Commercial Solar



Commercial Solar for Businesses of All Sizes

Commercial solar works. Small and midsize commercial facilities with available roof or ground space can achieve greater economies of scale by installing solar. Renu Energy Solutions is here to help you:

  • navigate your solar financing options
  • manage all necessary paperwork
  • perform the highest-quality installation, and
  • ensure your system runs optimally with our service and maintenance programs.

Examples of businesses we’ve partnered with:

Wise Man Brewing: solar business case study North Carolina preschool solar case study
Solar works for agriculture: Farm case study Nonprofit case study
Charlotte cosmetic surgery practice: solar storefront case study


animal hospital solar imageAnimal hospital solar case study
business flat roof solar sapphire techTechnologies-based business solar case study solar warehouse install imageWholesaler case study: solar for warehouse
sign business solar case study photoSigns business solar energy case study southern roots garden center solar imageGarden center case study: Solar for a plant nursery
properties office solar installer business

Solar storefront case study: properties offices

Furniture design business goes green and announces plan to go solar

Reasons to go solar now with Renu Energy Solutions

According to the Solar Energy Industry Association solar functions to protect the energy customer from changes in utility costs:

“This hedge against utility price volatility is highly valuable to businesses that are focused on managing long-term budgets. Combined with innovative financing options that further reduce upfront costs, solar has a new value proposition that makes good business sense…”

Recapping the benefits of solar for business

  • Lower operating costs for the next 25-30 years
  • Take advantage of Federal and State Tax Incentives
  • Reduce and stabilize your energy costs and shave your peak to potentially readjust your demand charge
  • Turn your facility into a clean, reliable energy power plant while reducing grid dependency
  • Put your savings back into the business and refocus resources on core business strategies
  • Market yourself as business that uses clean energy

Reach out to Renu Energy Solutions about solar for your business. We serve anywhere within two hours of the greater Charlotte area, Columbia, Spartanburg and Greenville, and Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

We’re more than happy to consult with you and show you a sketch of possible solar arrays for your location and apply our expertise and software to make a projection of your solar production and return on investment.

If you’re interested in the new emerging business applications for energy storage, look now further than our training battery installation electrical team! Mention your desire to explore backup power options.


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