Energy Storage


Battery Backup

Renu Energy Solutions an provide you with a battery backup option that will allow you peace of mind when the power goes out. Currently, when the power goes out, as as safety precaution to the energy grid workers, solar systems stop providing energy to the grid. Effectively, this creates a “closed loop” system. With battery backup as an option, your solar system will be able to continuously charge a battery that will help you keep your house running. Once the power has been restored, the system automatically goes back to normal.

Here are a few different examples of how the battery backup system might work:

If The Power Goes Out in The Middle of The Night

The charged battery powers your kitchen and critical appliances such as your coffee maker and garage door opener so you can get to work on time.You can enjoy your coffee while the morning hustle goes on uninterrupted.

The Power Goes Out for 3 Days

Your solar system charges the battery until full. It allows you to use energy during the day while charging the battery to use at night. Your fridge stays on. You don’t have to worry about eating all the ice cream. Take advantage of your daylight power, and do your heavy energy intensive items during the daytime. Don’t worry about the power going out at night. Your kitchen, garage door, and electronics will stay energized until the power has been restored.

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