South Carolina Electric and Gas Company Solar Incentive

For South Carolina Customers in South Carolina Electric and Gas Company’s  (SCE&G) territory, you are eligible for a special solar program that pays you $0.04 cents for ever hour of solar that you overproduce, on top of the 1-to-1 credit you would normally receive through your interconnection agreement with the utility.


How this works: When your home  is producing power during the day, excess energy is sent to the grid. The utility gives you a credit equivalent to the amount that you export. At night, when you are drawing power from the grid, you first use up all your credits before you would start buying from the grid. With this special program, you would receive a bonus credit of 4 cents per kilowatt-hour.

They Pay You More For Your Energy

Effectively this means the utility charges you 13 cents for one kilowatt-hour. They’ll credit you 17 cents for putting the same amount on the grid.

This program has limited availability.



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