Installer for solar panels in Pfafftown NC


Around the Triad, solar has taken off and homeowners are taking advantage of stellar rebates and temporary incentives to save even more with solar.

Pfafftown is a great example of a community where solar technology is spreading fast, with benefits for the many residents and local businesses purchasing solar installations.

What makes now the right time to go solar?

Grid energy has been affordable historically (so that residents by and large take their electric power for granted and continue to let the utility play a big role in their energy picture.) But these low rates won’t last. Increases in the per-unit cost of energy mean that customers can expect bigger power bills in coming years, even if they’re careful not to waste energy.

Going solar means the energy user owns their energy source. Renu Energy Solutions looks forward to showing you how economic and freeing it can be to do just that. In Pfafftown, Greensboro and around the Triad, solar energy is proven to perform great and more residents than ever know how it works and want to get the benefits. We’re ready to help you cut your utility bills down, assert energy self-sufficiency, and be part of NC’s clean energy future.

Reach out to us with questions – and then come to us for a no-obligation solar consultation at no cost to you to learn your potential.

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