Power Your Home with Solar


take control of your energy future


Powering your home with solar is the first step to choosing your energy future. If you are tired of paying continually increasing utility bills or frustrated with being forced to buy energy from coal-burning plants, then solar power enables you to take back control from your utility provider.

With Renu as your no-pressure guide, you can really go solar in three easy steps:

  • Size a solar power system appropriate for your energy consumption, your home and your budget
  • Build the system (Renu takes care of all of this for you)
  • Save money on your utility bill and save your community from unnecessary pollution
Installing a 4 kiloWatt solar energy system  Installing a 8 kiloWatt solar energy system
Installing a 5 kiloWatt solar energy system Do you need a 9 kiloWatt solar energy system?
Installing a 6 kiloWatt solar energy system Do you need a 10 kiloWatt solar energy system?
Our average size: 7 kiloWatt solar energy system We install solar energy systems larger than 10 kiloWatts for residential use! Register for a quote

2019 is a great time to power your home with solar

Between limited-time tax incentives and utility rebates, 2019 is a fantastic time to go solar. It all starts with a simple consultation with Renu Energy Solutions. Learn more about how it works incorporating solar electric at your home.

Register using the form on the right (we do not re-sell your information) so a solar professional can walk you through our approach.

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