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Take Charge of Your Energy Future

Solar living is about taking charge of your energy future. Today, almost every decision about your energy is made by the utility and bureacrats. How much do you pay for your energy? Is the energy produced with fossil fuels or renewable energy? Who has power when the grid is down? How much will you pay to clean up your utility’s pollution or a failed power plant project?

Three steps to controlling your energy future

To gain control, the journey includes

  • Produce your own power
  • Manage your consumption
  • Store your energy

The first step – Produce your own Power – has never been more affordable with various tax credits and utility rebates. The journey of controlling your energy future can never happen if you have to always buy all your energy from the utility. For most people, solar energy will be the best alternative for producing their own power.

The second step – Manage your Consumption – is about both monitoring your consumption and finding ways to make conscious choices on your consumption. This can be achieved with things like consumption monitoring as part of your solar system, smart thermostats as well as adding other solar based products to your home like solar attic fans and indoor solar lighting.

The final step to be effectively 100% in charge of your energy future would be to add energy storage. This allows you to store the solar power that you generated during the day to use at night. The energy storage would also allow you to still have power in cases of power outages that impact your neighbors.

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