Solar in South Carolina

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There has never been a more exciting time to go solar in South Carolina!


Renu Energy Solutions serves both residential and commercial customers in the South Carolina, offering solar electric, solar hot water, and energy efficiency products such as tankless water heaters to permanently reduce your utility bills.

We plan, install and service solar solutions for homes and businesses in North and South Carolina. We were founded in the Carolinas in 2010.

Benefits of Solar:

south carolina tax incentives

  • Save money by reducing your utility bill; savings INCREASE over time
  • Up to 55% paid for by state and federal tax incentives
  • Increase the value of your property/business
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • SCE&G has special solar initiatives


Customized Solar Solutions

Every family has unique energy goals, budgets and properties, which is why we approach each customer with a customized solution for energy bill reduction. With over 500 custom installations, Renu Energy Solutions families are reaping the benefits of solar for years to come.  Our proven approach to energy bill reduction combines solar and efficiency products and services to help you:

With a site survey and discussion about your energy goals and financial options, we will determine an action plan to permanently reduce your energy bills and start saving on day one.

For more information about special utility incentives, follow  the links below:

Additional information is coming soon about the forthcoming  Duke Solar Rebate in 2018, and you can read here about the South Carolina Electric and Gas Solar Initiative.


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