Solar in South Carolina

Solar in South Carolina

Solar in South Carolina is possible with a 25% state tax credit for customers who live and work in South Carolina – and programs for net metering that promote residential solar by giving customers full retail value back for solar energy sent to the grid on really sunny days – the Palmetto State is a hotbed of new solar installations.

Renu Energy Solutions serves both residential and commercial customers in South Carolina, offering solar electric, battery storage and energy efficient products such as programmable thermostats and solar attic ventilation fans, to permanently reduce your utility bills.



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Benefits of Solar

Up to 55% paid for by state and federal tax incentives
Save money by reducing your utility bill; savings INCREASE over time
Increase the value of your property/business
Reduce your carbon footprint
SCE&G has special solar initiatives
SC Deserves Customized Solar Solutions


Every family has unique energy goals, budgets and properties, which is why we approach each customer with a customized solution for energy bill reduction. Over a thousand families that have gone solar with Renu are reaping the benefits of solar for years to come.  Our proven approach to energy bill reduction combines solar and efficiency products and services to help you:

With a site survey and discussion about your energy goals and financial options, we will determine an action plan to permanently reduce your energy bills and start saving on day one.


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