What goes into a reliable, accurate estimate of the best solar system size for your home? And what determines the approximate cost to the customer?

Second question first. As with most products and home improvement services, the market you live in and the options you choose from help determine your eventual solar purchase price. To make sure you’re getting the best value if you’re comparing quotes, consider the guarantees and protections that your solar company offers: for example, Renu provides many solar clients an energy production guarantee, backing our estimate for how much output you’ll get from your solar energy source (almost like insurance for cutting your energy bill.)

To the first question, some factors that go into your ideal solar proposal are more intuitive than others and some of these might surprise you:

  • Average monthly electric utility bill and high and low utility bills over the course of a year
  • Available roof space (or if you’d like to use space on the ground, suitable level space near your meter)
  • Any future plans to add or remove large-consuming electric appliances at your location (a second fridge, a spa, an electric vehicle charger or a major air conditioning upgrade are examples)
  • Any future plans to backup critical power systems in your home with an energy storage product to pair with your solar

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