Solar contractor in Concord

solar contractor concord homeCabarrus County residents count on Renu Energy Solutions as an experienced solar contractor for the area.

With several solar installations in and around Concord and Cabarrus at large, our passion is to help homeowners, schools, and businesses grasp the value of going solar. We are proud to say that clients have relied on us and have recommended us later to their friends to do their solar jobs.

Why should Concord go solar now?

Advanced technology, flexible financing, and our energy guarantee give you a perfect opportunity to make the change through solar. Duke Energy customers get full value for sending solar to the grid and that’s part of what makes solar great for lowering utility bills. Get more familiar with how solar electric for the home works. You’ll see its straightforward and we’ll handle all the cumbersome applications and paperwork.

Reach out to us with questions – and then come to us for a no-obligation solar consultation at no cost to you to learn your potential.

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