As you may know, there are different kinds of companies that can be considered “solar companies.” If you’re looking for a good solar company, you’re probably thinking of an installer that consults with a homeowner or small business person for a solar installation purchase and ultimately installs a solar project for them.

Other companies associated with solar are those that manufacture solar products – like photovoltaic modules that produce power from the sun, and the other components of a working solar project like racking for the modules to sit on and inverters that turn DC solar power into AC solar power that a home or other facility can use.

There are also solar developers that get large scale solar fields and utility scale projects built, taking such proposals from idea to reality.

Solar companies that provide full-service a.k.a. turnkey installation will make the customer aware of all the parts of the process they handle and should cover paperwork from the utility and the locality, site planning and energy production analysis, and often will even provide information about currently active tax credits and utility rebates that the customer could access if they qualify. Renu Energy Solutions is a turnkey, full-service solar installer and looks forward to serving you as you take control of your energy future.


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