Solar animal hospital case study

Solar works for a veterinary clinic: case study

animal hospital solar imageThe Problem

In 2015, a veterinary clinic began looking for cost-effective actions they could take to protect the natural environment. They sought a project that would distinguish them in their field without ever compromising the reliability and excellence of care for their patients.

The Solution

The veterinary clinic was able to discover a compelling rationale for building solar into its plans. Not only would they become more competitive by saving on monthly fixed costs, but going solar also enabled the company to use tax credits and other business tax strategies to accelerate the financial benefit of going solar.

In fact, a federal tax credit essentially paid for 30% of the project cost to the customer.

The Benefits

Atrium Animal Hospital demonstrates environment consciousness through solar. Within its first year using solar power, the clinic avoided over 58,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. This is equivalent to the annual energy use of 2.8 average homes. It takes 31 acres of U.S. forests to reduce the same amount of CO2 in a year.

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