Maybe we don’t usually think of the word “choice” when we think about our electric power. The default method of powering a home is to connect to the energy company that supplies electricity for a given area, in a one-way relationship where the utility supplies power and charges the customer, and the customer consumes power and pays the utility.

But can a homeowner gain more benefits by harnessing the power of renewable energy?

Say “Yes” to the solar solution that will work for you

Today, the cost of solar has come down significantly and the opportunity for a household to take ownership of its power is more real than ever in the Carolinas. If you’re new to the concept of solar, you may not know that customers with solar typically take advantage of the following positive attributes:

  • The potential to take a 30% federal tax credit for those who qualify (see your accountant for details)
  • Electric utility programs that repay the customer in bill credit or real dollars for excess solar produced
  • Utility rebates
  • Financing, including $0 down options
  • Power production guarantee in the solar power contract, i.e. your solar installation will provide bill reductions equal to the projection in your solar proposal, made possible by advanced solar software
  • Product warranty – at Renu Energy Solutions we have 25 year warranty on solar modules
  • A friendly, collaborative experience with your solar representative that’s totally pressure-free

How can a homeowner obtain a solar proposal that’s worth saying, “Yes” to? A trained solar professional from Renu Energy Solutions will have all the tools necessary to provide you with an accurate and high-quality solar energy layout, equipment list and price quote. Get started by connecting with us through the form on the side of the page.


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