Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar-Hot-WaterRenu Energy’s solar hot water product line includes the most technologically advanced solar collectors and solar thermal tanks in the industry for the most aesthetic and efficient solar water heating solution.

The Most Efficient Way to Heat Water

Sized to fit the hot water demand of your home or business, our solar thermal collectors absorb solar energy and convert it to heat for all your hot water needs. We offer both thermal technologies with evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors to match your solar resources and aesthetic requirements. We match the technology to your situation.
AET Solar Thermal Panel 2000x1000


Innovative Storage Technologies Built to Last

Easy to install, our solar thermal tanks store the solar-heated water year-round and even when it’s cloudy, you can rely on the backup of your existing fuel source so you’ll never be without hot water. Stainless steel tanks backed with a 20-year warranty offer you peace of mind and energy savings.

Configurable With Any Existing Fuel Source

Solar Thermal System 1

It looks like a skylight!

Whether you’re heating your hot water with electricity, natural gas, propane or oil, our high efficiency tanks can be used as a stand-alone replacement tank or in conjunction with your existing hot water heater. If your boiler is currently heating your water, we can save you hundreds of dollars, and give your boiler a rest during the warmer months of the year.

Solar Hot Water Stacks Up Against Traditional Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater Free Energy from the Sun

  • Annual operating cost: $40
  • Storage capacity: 80-100 gallons
  • Life expectancy: 20+ years
  • 25 Year operating cost: $1,000
  • Does NOT pollute environment
  • Increases value of in your home
  • Return on your investment
  • Protection from future utility increases
  • More money in your budget

Solar Thermal system 2Standard Water Heater Oil, Gas, or Electric

  • Annual operating cost in excess of $400+
  • Storage capacity: 40-50 gallons
  • Life expectancy: 6-12 years
  • 25 Year operating cost: $10,000
  • Burning fossil fuels just to keep your home comfortable
  • No added value to your home
  • No return on utility payments
  • Dealing with volatility of fluctuating fuel costs and supply

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