Solar Electric for the Home


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With over 750 solar electric and solar hot water installations, ReNu Energy Solutions is your local expert for home solar electric power. You can be assured of using the highest quality and most efficient energy producing panels in the industry. As a company based in Charlotte, NC, you can be assured that you will be treated to The ReNu Way which includes:

  • A no pressure and collaborative energy consultation
  • Expert solar Photo-voltaic layout customized for your specific location and conditions
  • Quality installation completed by our employees, experts in solar installations
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty (up to 25 years) on critical solar components – Solar Panels, Inverters and Racking
  • Completion of all paperwork from permitting to integration with your utility
  • Comfort knowing that we are a local company committed to providing reliable solar energy to our neighbors

The Energy Savings Are Real

The energy that your solar panels produce first goes directly for your home use, thus directly lowering your bill. During the day, many of our customers produce more energy than they use so the excess energy is sent into the grid. The utility credits you for that excess energy via a Net Metering model which conceptually can be thought as a ‘rolling back’ your meter. In this model, then our customers may pay $0 for their energy use in any given month as the excess energy produced during the day pays for the energy consumed at night.


How Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) Systems Work

  1. The process of converting the sun’s rays into usable electricity is relatively simple. The sun’s rays are collected by the Photovoltaic (solar) panels. The panels create DC power, which is sent to the inverter.
  2. The inverter converts the DC power to AC power, which is the type of power your home can utilize. The AC power is fed to the main meter panel.
  3. Your home consumes the AC power generated by your solar system. Any excess power is sent back to the utility producing a monetary credit. Solar systems save and earn you money!

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