Home Solar Financing

Home solar financing options are designed so that our customers can receive their tax incentives from the federal and state governments before our customers pay $1 out of pocket for their system. Our customers then can pay for their system through the combination of the tax credits, savings from their utility bills and a variety of loan options.

Residential Solar Energy Financing Options

Same-as-Cash Consumer Financing

This option allows homeowners to delay payment until they receive their tax credits and incentives, while immediately receiving benefits from clean, reliable solar energy and utility savings.

Long and Short Term Financing Options Available

We try to structure these loans so most customers solar payment is usually lower than their current electric bill

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

Many customers choose to finance their solar investments with home equity loans. With interest rates as low as they are and all the savings you’ll realize on utility costs, this is a great option for any homeowner. We have many customers that use the 12 months same as cash option, then apply their tax credits to that loan, followed by paying the remaining of the costs via their home equity line of credit and leveraging the savings from their utility bill to pay off that line of credit.

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