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Energy Storage has been very important to Renu since our founding in 2010. Renu Energy Solutions has been committed to working with consumers in the Carolinas to meet their energy goals, and that includes battery backup.

In recent years, the price of residential solar has dropped dramatically, putting household-scale clean energy within reach of more homeowners. Innovation has moved at a rapid pace addressing customers’ needs for storing solar energy, and our partnership with sonnen Batterie brings residents in our area a fantastic option.

With these new products, customers will achieve a greater degree of control and autonomy as to how they use the energy they produce. Add an electric vehicle, programmable household appliances, climate control thermostat, and real-time web portal for monitoring and you have a recipe to make your home the most intelligent, self-sufficient, resilient home on your street.



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Battery or Generator? Know Your Options and Decide For Yourself

Some homeowners find solar energy especially attractive because it can provide a source of energy to fall back on if the grid goes down; however, for safety reasons, it is necessary here in the Carolinas to pair your solar with battery storage in order to use your solar energy during a utility outage.

If you already own a propane or diesel generator, you already have a backup energy source should the lights go out. An energy storage product, like the sonnenBatterie or Tesla Power Wall, represents an alternative to gas-powered generation to provide power for critical purposes in an emergency, like refrigeration to chill medications and keep food fresh, or running medical devices or wifi.

Energy Storage for Time-of-Use Utility Customers

There are also situations in which sophisticated new batteries can save you money. A customer on a time-of-use electric rate schedule will start to notice that there are certain periods of the day when using energy from the grid it is much cheaper or much more expensive.

Ordinarily, this would force the customer to adapt their behavior to use less energy when it is priced higher, for example waiting until night time to run the dishwasher or clothes dryer. New home batteries can automatically store the energy from your solar array for use at expensive peak pricing times.

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Renu’s experienced energy consultants are glad to help you navigate the new world of energy storage and make sure you make the right decision for your budget, your needs, and your preferences. Call 704-525-6767 to get started, and be confident that we’re on your side: Reliable and cost-effective clean energy for the customer is always our goal.

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Hurricanes, like Harvey, Maria, Florence and Michael have shown that renewable energy is resilient and withstands extreme weather. Consumers today can often enjoy greater comfort and convenience with solar and energy storage for backup power than with diesel or gas generators.


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