North Carolina Duke Solar Rebate


Duke Solar Rebate for North Carolina Available in 2018

With the signing In July 2017 of 01-01-2018-facebook-rebate-graphic-1HB 589 into law, Solar in North Carolina has never been more affordable.  North Carolina residents who have Duke Energy or Duke Energy Progressive as their utility will qualift for the incentive rebate which will come in the form of check back to you

While exact amount of the rebate is being finalized, the rebate will mean thousands of dollars back to most Duke customers who go solar.

The residential limit per project for collecting the incentive is 10 kiloWatts, and the non-residential incentive will be applicable up to 100 kiloWatts. Projects can still be installed larger than that, but the incentive will only extend to the approved size.


Interested in getting a meeting on the calendar this month to discuss this incentive? Give us a call or use the form on this page to request an assessment, and we look forward to speaking with you!


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