North Carolina Duke Energy Solar Rebate

Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress Solar Rebate for North Carolina Approved – Would Become Available mid-April 2018


In January 2018, Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress proposed a $62 Million solar rebate program for Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress customers in North Carolina. As of April 2018, this program is currently being finalized, and received approval by state energy regulators in a ruling dated April 3, 2018.

North Carolina residents who have Duke Energy Carolinas or Duke Energy Progress as their utility would qualify for a rebate which will come in the form of check back to the customer.

The proposed residential rebate is 60 cents on every Watt (AC) of solar power. The rebate proposal has received the approval of the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC). Complete program details are expected to come out later in April 2018. For many Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress customers who go solar, this proposed rebate will mean thousands of dollars back from Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress.

The residential upper limit per project for collecting the incentive is 10 kiloWatts (AC) (or up to $6,000), and the non-residential incentive will be applicable up to 100 kiloWatts (AC) (or up to $50,000). Projects can still be installed larger than that, but the incentive will only extend to the approved size.

The rebate is only going to be available for as long as program funds last, starting after the proposed rebate receives utilities commission approval which is expected tentatively by the end of March 2018. It’s our understanding that customers “get in line” for the rebate based on the date you apply to collect the rebate your eligible solar energy project that came online in 2018. Find a helpful summary in this blog post.

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