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Solar power systems have become both more efficient in recent years – producing more power relative to space used – and more affordable. The latest innovation to benefit customers in the Charlotte area doesn’t have to do with the panels at all, but rather with the mounting systems that hold panels up and attach them to the ground.

Down to earth: Ground mount solar from Nuance

Down to earth: Ground mount solar from Nuance

Renu Energy Solutions, a solar installer for over 8-years, recently established a partnership with Nuance Energy to start using a new means of mounting solar installations in a yard, and it’s saving clients money and making for a smoother, more desirable install process. To understand how transformational this is for their business it helps to look at how the solar service company used to approach “ground mounted” solar.

Limited by older construction methods, Renu Energy’s installation team had to either excavate a 6 foot deep rut in which to anchor the installation, or augur 2-3-foot-wide holes and pour concrete which then had to cure. Sensing that customers opting for a ground-mounted solar system deserved a better option, Renu Energy Solutions connected with Nuance Energy and realized it would be a gamechanger.

Renu Energy Solutions’ Director of Operations Andrew O’Donnell describes the difference that his team found in the Osprey Power Platform mounting system that Nuance Energy introduced him to this year: “We were used to either using ballast blocks or having to bring in an earth-mover to dig, but that’s all different now. For one thing we don’t have to deal with custom steel fabrication. The earth anchors make this system a much more flexible solution, and we don’t feel like we’re wrecking the look of the grass and terrain on the property. In fact now when we’re done it looks like we were never even there, except that there’s a solar installation secured in the ground.”


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The Osprey system from Nuance Energy has helped Renu Energy Solutions reduce the time it takes to finish a ground mount solar installation job from one three days to one, even in places with up to 4 feet of change in grade. Other than shallow leveling for the system’s legs and a small trench to run cable back to the building using the solar service, no digging is needed thanks to the patent-pending innovation that works just by drilling 40-inch-deep holes. Renu Energy Solutions reports significantly greater customer satisfaction with these installations, who in turn are more likely to recommend it to their friends, and points to the ease of disassembly and relocation as a selling point for these movable solar projects. To recap the benefits:

  • Save time and money
  • Adjustable legs can install on uneven terrain
  • Earth anchors provide hold-down capacity to meet code requirements

    Dramatically quicker, cost-effective installations have come out of new innovations in mounting from Nuance Energy

    Dramatically quicker, cost-effective installations have come out of new innovations in mounting from Nuance Energy

  • No need to involve geotechnical experts
  • No heavy equipment
  • No ground screws
  • No specialized skilled labor outside our usual team

Renu Energy Solutions President Jay Radcliffe beams, “For literally years, we’ve been thinking we’d like to find a system to mount solar on the ground less invasively and more easily. We suspected that would bring down project costs and it turns out it did. Our partnership with Nuance Energy has made that happen.”

As interest in solar in our remains high – spurred by utility rebates, federal tax incentives and positive success stories from the community – Renu Energy Solutions sees its partnership with Nuance Energy enhancing competitiveness and delivering a better way to do solar on the ground than ever before. Send us a request today to meet with a solar representative familiar with this mounting system about your solar goals.


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