Solar panels for home in Julian, NC

Choosing to have solar panels that you’ll own installed at your location can be a great way to make your energy yours, and this option is available for residents in Julian, NC. Renu Energy Solutions hopes you’ll take the time to learn how well-qualified your location is for making use of proven, simple solar technology, like this customer did!

By staying connected to the utility grid, you can actually receive credit for extra solar energy your solar panels might produce above and beyond what you need to consume on certain days, helping solar make economic sense as well as sustainable sense.

The best way to be sure about what solar can do for you to move you toward your energy goals and away from utility energy dependence is to consult with a representative who is familiar with this geographic area, solar programs and incentives, and can perform a detailed assessment for your home or business to use solar. Reach out to us with questions – and then come to us for a no-obligation solar consultation at no cost to you to learn your potential.

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