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Taking the initiative to own your energy has become a highly cost-effective prospect. Product prices have come down significantly since around 10 years ago and increasing rates of solar adoption have also helped reduce project costs. Potential solar customers should also know that limited-time incentives will help speed your savings:

  • Federal tax credit saves qualifying members of the public 30%
  • State tax credits may also apply: South Carolina’s tax credit is 25% of a system installation cost

Think about the economics of solar – and how much more worthwhile it is to go solar with at least one of these tax credits (which can be combined!) Offsetting much of your utility bill with solar allows you to avoid the impact when electric rates go up, and in the Carolinas that’s likely! Instead of paying high utility bills in the summer, and dealing with unpredictable heating costs in the winter, you can rely on your solar system to take care of most of your energy needs, leaving a tiny or zero-dollar utility bill.

With solar, you lock in an affordable price for your energy, plus your energy is clean and renewable. Because homes with solar have been shown to increase in value, your investment is sound. Plus, Renu Energy Solutions guarantees your energy production at the amount we estimated in the solar energy proposal we drew up for you. This is possible thanks to our advanced solar home projection software. If this sounds appealing, imagine a federal and/or state tax credit returning somewhere from 30% to 55% of your solar cost back to your pocket! This is how solar incentives accelerate savings from an already great deal.


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