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Going solar by purchasing an turnkey installation is popular and affordable for many electric customers today. To deliver the customer a full-service solar installation at a competitive price, an installer works with solar component manufacturers and either contracts out the labor on the project or keeps teams of employees in-house, as Renu Energy Solutions does.

Customers with a monthly electric electric bill in the average range planning to offset much of their grid energy with solar can expect the project quote to be somewhere close to the price of a car. Fortunately a federal tax credit is active which is saving many customers 30% on their installation, some electric providers have rebate programs for additional savings, and utilities normally have some type of policy in place to repay the customer either in dollars or in bill credit for excess solar energy delivered to the grid on certain sunny days.

Every house is different and it’s essential to have an expert look at you home on a satellite map to make projections about your solar potential and rate how good an investment solar is for you. Curious about the value of solar for you? Connect with us!


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