Energy management for southern homes

The Southern United States is known for having a famously temperate climate – at least outside of the hottest days of summer – and enjoys comfortable weather much of the year. However, exceptions to the these weather trends can drive up cooling bills during heatwaves and heating bills during unpredictable cold snaps.

Energy management for homes in the South

Your approach to taking on these seasonal energy cost spikes is likely to involve a few kinds of solutions. We recommend considering solar to offset much of your utility bill with energy you produce yourself, and considering reducing the energy you need via the simple principles below. Energy experts can perform an assessment of your home and may recommend:

  • Increasing the R value of attic insulation, also known as thickness, beneficial in winter and summer
  • HVAC system tune-up
  • Heat pump check-up (if applicable)
  • Fluorescent or LED lighting and and energy efficient appliance upgrades for cooking as well as computers and TVs
  • Surge protectors that automatically shut off devices programmed to stay in “standby” mode
  • Getting aging freezers, full-size fridges and mini-fridges off the grid if they’re no longer being used
  • A consultation for solar power and potentially also energy storage to enhance your energy autonomy

Severe weather and grid disasters

For the times when a hurricane or blizzard knocks out the power in your home, advanced automated home energy storage systems are now available to pair with your solar to as a backup. With life spans on the order of 10,000 charge and discharge cycles under warranty and the ability to select essential systems to power in order to extend the duration your stored solar energy lasts, southern homes have never had better options for quieter, cleaner backup energy. Why concern yourself with fueling a generator or living without energy for days (or longer) when there’s great storage technology that can make your solar virtually perpetual power?

When you’re ready to take a closer look at how solar enables you to take control of your energy costs while staying comfortable in your home, our solar specialists are only a phone call away and can propose a top-quality solar installation for you. Our project technicians, familiar with the housing stock here in the Carolinas that’s typical of the South, are certified and qualified to provide a flawless solar installation that will put you in control of managing your energy costs year-round.

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