Renu Energy Solutions encourages you to envision your energy future with solar through our GoSolar initiative.

In the Southeast, it’s not so long ago solar energy was seen as atypical and rare in our communities. Now, thanks to federal and state tax incentives, utility rebates, and the leadership of some notable corporations investing in solar, it has proliferated and is going mainstream.

Our industry is responding to the rapid increase in interest in solar among homeowners and independent business owners. The thought behind our GoSolar program is to encourage residents and business people with questions about solar to connect with us start giving solar some thought. You don’t have to be an expert – we have the experience to help you start your journey toward energy independence. After all: Everyone that goes solar starts at the same first step, which is to talk with a local solar consultant about your building – whether a home or business – that could use solar energy and discuss your unique energy use patterns to get a detailed look at what solar does for you.


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Your GoSolar proposal will include:

-a worry-free energy production guarantee, to help make sure your solar investment is worthwhile and smart

-expert studies of your home’s sun exposure and use of advanced software to make sure our inputs and outputs are reliable

-a complete, full service installation plan for Renu Energy Solutions to handle all paperwork, permits and utility interconnection for you

The message with our GoSolar program is not to let your questions hold you back – we have answers and we pledge to work with you at your pace and with an approach that’s convenient and beneficial for you, as you begin on the way to taking control of your energy future.

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