Fred’s solar story

Fred claremont conover nc solar installation customer Renu_optIn Claremont, NC, Fred and his wife have been residing for 23 years in a beautiful modern country home. They recently decided to go solar and couldn’t be prouder of the choice they made and the impact of their efficient, good-looking 11.9-kilowatt solar system’s impact on their energy bills.

They worked with their solar representative, Will, on a plan for a solar system sized to take care of much of their monthly energy usage, reducing their utility charges accordingly. The consultation process went smoothly and was even fun – Fred is the sort of person who tells stories of owning a diesel VW Rabbit back in the day, and quips that he was the only one who could drive it, and that when he did he got 50 mpg!

His new solar energy system is more user-friendly and he considers it a sound investment in his home value. Fred’s the sort of person with a can-do outlook and he’s happy to have a greater degree of self-sufficiency and to be making a positive contribution to the whole energy grid.

Customer-owned solar helps our communities be more able to avoid widespread outages and rely less on the old power plants of the past. Now that they have solar, Fred and his wife want everyone who passes in front of their home to be aware and to consider going solar too! Hickory, Lenoir, and Morganton are all areas with great solar potential that we serve. Read about other solar energy customers from around the Carolinas.

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