Nest Thermostat

Renu Energy is a Certified Nest Installer


Renu can install and configure your Nest Thermostat(s) for you. Please feel free to contact us and you can get your device professionally installed. We can bring Nest Thermostats that we have in stock or we can install a device that you have previously purchased. If you wish to have us connect the Nest Thermostat to your WIFI (required if you want to control from a mobile device) please have your WIFI password ready.

The Nest Thermostat turns your home into an energy Smart Home


The nest learns your preferences and schedule and then adjusts your thermostat accordingly.

319N9SzWOeL._SL250_Does it get cold at 3 in the morning? The nest will turn your heat on to maintain a comfortable temperature so you can sleep through the night.

Don’t waste electricity keeping your home warm all day while you’re out. The nest will “wake up” before you arrive home and return your home to a comfortable temperature.

The self-learning Nest saves you money on your electricity bill!


The Nest Thermostat is a self-learning device that learns your patterns and knows when you leave the house. Based upon your schedule, the Nest Thermostat automatically adjust the temperature by lowering energy use while you are away as well as pre-heating or pre-cooling your house in anticipation of you arriving home or getting up in the morning. Of course, you can program your own schedule too.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 4.55.47 PMControl your heating and cooling via your phone


The Nest Thermostat has a downloadable app so that you can 100% control your heating and cooling form your iPhone, Android, iPad or tablet.




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