Kohler Backup Generators


Never Lose Power Again!

With utility grids stressed and outages becoming more prevalent, you can protect your appliances, medical equipment and sensitive electronics with backup generation.

Never worry about power outages, storms or utility disruptions again! Kohler Home Generators are whisper quiet and offer unprecedented technology to give you peace of mind, light and warmth when you need it most. Renu Energy Solutions is a trusted partner and authorized dealer and installer for Kohler standby backup generators.

Standby Generators

American made Kohler standby generators can bring light during a summer storm and heat if the power is lost during winter storms. They give you a sense of safety, security and convenience while powering all your important electronics. If power is lost in your community for an extended period of time, a home generator can save you the expense of having to relocate, allowing you to continue your day-to-day life in comfort.


How Kohler Home Generators Work

Benefits of Whole Home Generators vs. Traditional Battery Backup Systems

We strongly recommend Kohler Home Backup Generators over traditional battery backup systems for solar because they:

  • Start automatically as soon as they detect a utility disruption so you never have to be in the dark
  • Are virtually maintenance free
  • Can run on either natural gas or propane
  • Are more cost-effective than battery backup systems
  • Have an expected life of 20+ years, longer than a typical battery backup system


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