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For solar customer Elise Bentley of Greer, SC, going solar was part of a newfound sustainable energy lifestyle. She even drives electric, eliminating the need to fuel up at the pump and providing efficient and stylish transportation. And it’s not just any plug-in: She drives a Tesla. (Renu Energy Solutions also provided the Wall Connector car charger installation.) In her own words:

“I decided that Tesla was the car for me because I just like to go all the way with it. And so, the idea was that this car in the long run is going to save us money on gas because we’re not going to use gas anymore.

“So, the solar panel thing is not just about money for us, it’s about who we are and what we believe in. And so, we’re going to produce more, I hope, than we actually consume. I didn’t want to just do 80%, I wanted to do 100% and then I want to save it and keep it in my battery backup, and then at night I can go ahead and use that, because our goal is to go off the grid as much as possible.”

Her 10.8 kilowatt solar installation will have hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year, and she’s excited to be part of the renewable energy movement. Elise is setting an example for energy independence and a sustainable way of living. Check out other solar customers’ stories – the communities they live in, their goals, and their custom solar solutions – on our residential solar page.


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