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We all know the feeling: Flipping through all the month’s expenses on a bank statement or bill pay app, and stopping for a moment to marvel in dismay at a recent sky-high electric utility charge. Now thanks to high quality solar technology and advanced software, customers can actually get an estimate of how going solar would reduce their electric utility costs, before formally signing a solar purchase contract.

Every home, place of business, community building and office space uses energy differently, but all have commonalities in how reliance on utility energy impacts their future. Seasonal high costs driven by heating and cooling costs as well as rate increases can tick up electric bill totals in unexpected ways. What could you do with the dollars you should be saving by owning an energy asset?

Renu Energy Solutions believes that every energy customer should have an opportunity to see what they could save with solar. Our software and solar products are sophisticated but our customer experience is simple – by talking through a few basic questions with an experienced solar consultant, we can get a good idea of what solar can do for your bills. Beyond saving on your energy costs, you’ll learn how solar lets you take charge of your energy future and assert that you’re part of a sustainable solution.


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