Commercial Solar Energy Systems


Commercial solar energy systems are available for businesses of every size, and we’re ready to help you on your path toward powering your facility with renewable solar power.

From pharmacies to breweries, warehouses to animal hospitals, preschools to offices, farms to garden centers, even large industrial complexes – we have shown diverse commercial customers the benefits of solar and delivered solutions that work.

Rainbow Station solar array

LeafSpring School installed September 2017 photo credit Renu Energy Solutions

Businesses go solar in order to:

  • Mitigate operating costs and reinvest savings into core strategies for growth
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability in your community
  • Provide for 25+ years of reliable energy production
  • Take advantage of tax benefits
  • Create a large degree of protection from electric utility price increases
  • Become a civic leader by adopting sustainable technology
  • Send a clear message to your stakeholders about your longevity and stability
LR Wholesale solar installation

LR Wholesale Warehouse, Virginia, photo credit Renu Energy Solutions

From Concept to Reality, Renu is your energy solution.

Our NABCEP-certified professionals along with our licensed industry partners will work with your company on each unique project to get the best installation possible with aesthetically pleasing results, using the most efficient solar panels in the world.

Commercial warehouse Solar LayoutOur team includes experienced solar consultants and applicably-licensed professionals to provide a full-service solution from concept to installation to maximize your solar energy generation potential. Reach out to us today to get started!

Southern Roots solar powered garden center

photo credit Renu Energy Solutions, Southern Roots Garden Center goes solar 2017

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