Charge your electric vehicle

Charge your electric vehicle with Renu Energy Solutions! Today’s electric vehicles (EVs) combine spectacular performance and superior mileage. By driving one, you’re showing that a car can make a statement about style and show your commitment to sustainability.

It’s becoming popular to go solar to provide an affordable power source for your EV. Or if you already have solar, why not make the most of your clean power by using your electricity for your transportation too?

Below, find some EV charging options that we can provide, and consult with us anytime at (704) 525-6767 about your specific needs:


You have a great home charging option for your vehicle:

img_8356The Tesla Wall Connector (Right). Tesla “recommend(s) the Wall Connector as the most convenient home charging equipment for Tesla vehicles.

“Available with either a 8.5′ cable or 24′ cable, this hardware can be purchased from a local Tesla service center or ordered online. Permanently mounted to a wall or post, the Wall Connector can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

“A defining feature is the ability to be installed with any circuit breaker ranging from 15 to 100 amps, which allows the Wall Connector to be custom fit to almost any electrical system.

We recommend installing the Wall Connector with a power output to match the on-board charger of the vehicle, typically a 40, 60 or 90 amp circuit breaker.” Technical details and estimated recharge speeds:


ev_car_1-websiteRenu Energy Solutions can complete your Wall Connector installation for a Total project price of about $799 – $1199 (depends on scope of electrical work.)

We’re happy to discuss your EV charging preferences and help determine if the conventional, less-speedy NEMA 14-50 outlet will work for you and whether you need any adapters or accessories, or if the rapid, convenient Tesla Wall Connector outlet is a better fit for you.

Not driving a Tesla? Here’s the best option for all other cars:


Chevy Bolt, BMW i3, Nissan LEAF, Volkswagen e-Golf

Toyota Prius Prime, Ford Focus EV


Renu Energy Solutions is an experienced and certified installer for the ChargePoint Home – Certification Number 13627494.

The ChargePoint Home is compatible with any EV that uses a J1772 coupler (that’s basically any EV, including the Tesla).

There are 2 options for homeowners to choose from: the ChargePoint Home Plug-in and the ChargePoint Home Hardwired.

Here are features the two have in common:

  • Come with an 18’ charging cord
  • Operate at 240 volts / 32 amps
  • Adds up to 25 miles of range per hour to most EVs
  • Comes with a mobile app to set reminders to plug in, get status updates and schedule charging.
  • App also allows drivers to track their energy use and costs for charging at home and around town.
  • Energy Star Certified

Plug-in version:

  • Can be installed indoors only
  • Uses a NEMA 6-50 outlet
  • Can be taken with you when you drive somewhere or move – plugs into any 6-50 outlet

Hard-wired version:

  • Can be installed indoors and outdoors
  • Hardwired straight to load panel
  • Cannot be moved

Curious how any of these charging options would work for you? Ready to schedule an installation? Register on our contact page or give us a call at (704) 525-6767 and we’ll be glad to assist you!

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