Battery Backup

Be 100% Self Powered


Installing battery backup along with your solar energy system for home or business is a smart move and can increase the value of your clean energy investment as well as peace of mind when a grid outage strikes.

The benefits of battery backup for solar power users include:

  • Enjoying additional savings on your home battery install by applying the same 30% federal tax that solar installations are qualified for
  • Keeping access to your solar power in the event of a grid power outage
  • Grid-connected solar users without battery storage have to use grid energy at certain times – for example at night – and the utility energy mix includes conventional, dirty sources. Battery owners can use their solar essentially 24/7 and can pursue a truly 100% renewable energy home.
  • Discover a greater degree of energy autonomy and assert maximum control over your own energy future

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Be 100% Self Powered

Be 100% Self Powered

Learn More About Tesla Powerwall 2

Energy storage pairs perfectly with solar: the Powerwall is compatible with previously installed Renu Energy Solutions solar electric systems. Tesla Powerwall increases the capacity for a household’s solar consumption, while also offering backup functionality during grid outages. Contact us to add storage!
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