Spotlight on a Solar Pro

Jeff Stewart, Renu’s Director of Alternative Finance, got involved with the solar industry when he chose Renu as his solar installer. He and his wife own a rental business that includes vacation homes in the North Carolina mountains. The energy bills associated with these rental homes were offset by 100% after solar installation, making him passionate about the benefits of renewable energy.

After installing 3 systems on different rental homes, Stewart says, “During the sales and installation process I fell in love with solar. Watching it work and save us real money, I became fascinated and wanted everyone to see the benefits I saw.”

At home at Renu Energy, where we find solutions

The people at Renu, both clients and employees, are “real, caring folks,” which is why Jeff has stayed so interested in the solar industry. But, his favorite part is “helping the non-profits wade through the notoriously difficult industry and solve a problem that will keep giving to them long after I am retired and gone.” In addition, Jeff loves a puzzle! Solving complicated equations to make every moving piece fit is, for Jeff, intellectually stimulating and fun.

Jeff has been instrumental in facilitating non profit solar projects recently

He attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for his undergraduate degree in Finance and The University of Alabama for his MBA in Accounting and Finance. Nicknaming himself ‘the numbers guy’, Jeff has the knowledge and experience to look at a situation and make economic sense of it. In addition, understanding the client and their view of the project is something that comes in handy.

Jeff sees what people do not understand and what they are conflicted about and is able to help them. He is good at making a complicated image a little less fuzzy, something that comes in handy. For churches considering solar energy investments, he’s become especially adept at communicating new and innovative funding approaches that make solar work for non profit.

The customer’s solar journey, and destination

In the fast-moving field of solar, locking down a deal is something Jeff watches for. He says, “Pricing and efficiency can change and improve, but it never changes the economics we lock in at the moment we energize a particular system. It can get cheaper and the economics can improve over time, but you also have to consider that time is passing and if you wait those savings are lost forever. In my opinion, that is the gamble, waiting.”

Something everyone appreciates is finding the best opportunity and taking advantage of that opportunity to help the company, client, and planet! When Jeff isn’t focused on being Renu’s number guy, he enjoys crossfit, road biking, and watching his two twin teenagers play AAU basketball.


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