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Share the Sunshine is Renu Energy Solutions’ way of involving community members in growing the movement for beneficial, customer-owned solar energy.

When someone has the confidence in us to tell a friend about the service we provide, it’s the best testament to our workmanship and the entire experience that we offer.

That’s why we offer a bonus to clients who refer us to friends and family, to say thank you for expressing your support for our mission. At this time, the best way to refer a friend is by calling in.

We also encourage solar clients and energy customers we’ve done a solar consultation for to review us on these websites:

Stay tuned for what’s next for our Share the Sunshine Bonus Program!

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Call (704) 525-6767 to join our Share the Sunshine Program and start finding friends who can save with solar!

Want a fun, easy way to Share the Sunshine? Try out our new online referral tool and smartphone app!

Mobile: Get the Renu app for iPhone or for Android.



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