About Us

We Install and Service Solar

Renu Energy Solutions has been installing solar and energy efficient solutions since 2010. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Renu serves customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Renu has installed over 900 energy efficient systems including over 300 solar electric and solar thermal solutions.

Renu Energy is a full-service solar installer. That means we provide end-to-end service from solar consultation through installation and support. Our team lives in North Carolina and South Carolina – we are invested in our community and invested in our customers for the longterm.

smart. reliable. solar.

Renu combines solar energy expertise with a local presence. Our solar experts advise individuals, companies, and nonprofits located across the country from Hawaii to North Carolina. Additionally, we are committed to our neighbors in the Carolinas as this is where we make our home. As your neighbor, you can be assured that the Renu experience means:

  • No heavy-handed sales tactics
  • Honest, smart assessment of the suitability of solar for you
  • A dependable partner, long after the sale is completed

Our Installations Viewed from Google Earth

This video shows some of our previous installations that have been captured by Google Earth.

Note that there is a typically 2-3 year delay between the installation completion and the installation showing on Google Earth. In this video, each yellow sun on the map represents an installation of either solar electric or solar hot water.

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