9 kw solar quote

A 9-kiloWatt solar system is on the larger side of what Renu Energy Solutions typically installs residentially, however in certain cases it is an appropriate size for larger homes. The components of energy use that would likely contribute to sizing a system around 9 kW are:

  • The property itself is larger, perhaps with spacious entertaining spaces and 5+ bedrooms
  • The home’s systems are mainly electric, including potentially space heating and water heating
  • Some highly energy-intensive items (like a hot tub, pool especially a heated indoor pool or computer server) are present. Multiple refrigerators, a suite with a separate kitchen, and an electric vehicle charger may increase energy demand.
  • The roof areas suitable for solar are large, unobstructed, and can accommodate large numbers of panels
  • Solar systems in this size range are more likely to result if the customer determines with help from their tax preparer that they could potentially qualify for the federal solar tax credit of 30%

Because of seasonal and market factors, as well as the essential fact that a location must qualify for solar based on orientation, shading, and utility connection options, we require a real-time consultation with an experienced solar professional in order to issue a quote. Connect with us today to get started on the path to energy self-reliance with clean solar power!

Learn more about solar electric systems that use solar panels to provide energy for your whole home.

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