6 kw solar quote

A 6-kiloWatt solar system is right in the average range of what Renu Energy Solutions typically installs. The components of energy use that would likely contribute to sizing a system around 6 kW are:

  • An average family size of 3-4 people
  • Most systems in the home are electric
  • No highly energy-intensive items (like a hot tub or computer server) are present
  • The occupants of the home are somewhat energy-conscious and avoid waste, like leaving lights or monitors on when not in use

Because of seasonal and market factors, as well as the essential fact that a location must qualify for solar based on orientation, shading, and utility connection options, we require a real-time consultation with an experienced solar professional in order to issue a quote. Connect with us today to get started on the path to energy self-reliance with clean solar power!

Learn more about solar electric systems that use solar panels to provide energy for your whole home.

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